Results May Vary

I wholeheartedly believe that online dating is the biggest scam of the 21st Century.  The concept alone is ridiculous too.  It’s essentially buy a boyfriend or girlfriend.  I compare it to a broken vending machine that after you put your hard earned money into it doesn’t give you what you want.  When you go to buy something they’re either sold out of what you want or you make your selection and the machine gets stuck.  You can’t win people!

There are several, if not hundreds of start up dating websites that lead to nothing other than less cash in your wallet and absolute frustration.  Myself and a few other people I know have delved into the world of online dating with little or no success.  Why you ask?  Not because of the people we are, but the assholes on the other side of connection that just go on the website who intentionally go on to fuck with you instead of eventually trying to fuck you.  Then there are sites that reject you before you even get started because you don’t meet their criteria.  Whatever at least I didn’t have to pay anything.  Wait there is a $12 sign up attempt fee?  Greedy assholes.

I’ve fallen into this trap several times.  Once I sign up for a particular site I usually get attention right away due to being the new user in my age category, but it’s never the attention I want.  It’s usually from some pimple faced, ugly fat chick who wants me like she wants another piece of double-chocolate cake.  Now I’m not against dating someone who is heavy set at all, but if you’ve seen some of these women you would pass them on over too.

As far as attractive girls go, I do get a few that respond to me occasionally.  Unfortunately though they all tend to be high maintenance women who are usually just on the website to make their significant other jealous or just find some random guy to toy around with until it’s time to meet.  “I would rather just be friends.”  Blow me.

I’ve fallen into this trap several times over the last five or six years.  I know what you’re thinking, “sucker,” right?  Yeah that’s kinda true.  Anytime I’ve been single and/or haven’t been interested in dating anyone I know personally I usually go towards the online dating route.  I figure it’s been a while, lets try something different.  It never fails, anytime I’ve tried it I’ve had the same results:  I don’t get any responses, I get responses from she-Hulk like women, or meet someone I really like that starts off well and usually ends before the first date for no apparent reason other than it was my fault I contacted her.  Crazy bitches.

Personally I don’t think any website should charge anyone nearly for a $100 service that only works some of the time.  Try six months and the next six are free.  Dammit with all the screwjobs I’ve been through with these sites I should get six years free.  I would love to meet at least one person who’s had an online dating “success story” and ask them how did they do it?  I assume hacking into the Government’s top secret files are easier to do than find a decent person through a dating website.

In the end all I can say is save your money, go out and try to meet someone.  It could possibly take you longer to achieve something that way, but at least you know what you’re dealing with.  People suck unfortunately, but eventually something better comes along.  That’s a real success story.