Spider Non-sense

This past Monday was apparently the first wave in the attack of the spiders.  Well at least for me anyway.  I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and headed to my bathroom to head into the shower only to be startled by an eight legged spider crawling around in my sink.  Being barely coherent at that time I was startled and scared to death.  I immediately had someone in my house kill it (yes, I’m a pussy when it comes to spiders) and proceeded with my early morning routine.

Later that night myself and fellow comrades were recording episodes at Ryan’s house when we were suddenly faced with wolf spiders crawling around Ryan’s basement.  Yes, wolf spiders.  Nothing has sounded more terrifying in my life.  Ryan and I fled to higher ground while Chris and Andrew used it as a means to torture us.  Thanks again guys.  As I tried to keep my feet from touching the ground, I wondered what the hell was going on as this small invasion was suddenly happening.

My fear of the eight legged bastards reaches back to my childhood.  I have always been afraid of spiders as far back as I can remember, and I’m certain it’s hereditary because my father is just as terrified as is my younger sister.  I remember having to turn away from the scenes in “Home Alone” with the spider and couldn’t look at books or home videos about insects for fear of seeing them. In the third grade I went to the Liberty Science Center on a field trip.  When I heard my class was going to the insect and reptile room, I panicked all day.  When it came time to go in I kept my back turned to everything and even think I walked somewhat backwards. When watching “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” I need to turn away for most of the scenes in the forbidden forest as it truly is a representation of my nightmares.

My fear of spiders runs deep and will never be cured.  I know my children and future generations of my family will have the same fear.  They are the most useless creature on the planet and I won’t believe anyone when they say they have a purpose.  I hate spiders and always will.  End of story.