Survey Says….Who Cares?!

The people I work with do apparently for some God-awful reason.  This blog might get me in trouble, but this has to be addressed.  Everyday at work, I go on my lunch about 1 p.m. and I’ve been subjected to the same torment for the past three months that no human being should have to endure.  That torture is known as watching “Family Feud with Steve Harvey.”  Since the installation of the television in the break room at the company I work for this is all my fellow co-workers watch and somehow enjoy.

Now I know everyone has different tastes in television and types of shows, but I’d rather watch nothing than watch this syndicated plate of hot garbage.  Steve Harvey is probably  the sixth of seventh host of this terrible game show that should have ended 20 years ago.  He joins a list of has-beens such as Louie Anderson, John O’ Hurley and Richard Karn.  What’s the criteria for hosting the show?  Have a sitcom that either failed or you were on as a moderately funny character and essentially no career and dignity left?  “Do you need money? Come host Family Feud!”  If I were in their position I’d rather my career be dead.  Ray Combs, the host during the 1980s, thought the same way.  The show was so bad he killed himself.  (I’m sure that’s not the case for his suicide, but I don’t blame him if it was.  For the purposes of this blog, just pretend it was.)

What bothers me most is that the people I work with (who I generally love) are completely immersed in this.  They even ask others to tell them the results when they have to go back to work.  What do you think happened?  The same shit happens everyday!  Sound familiar?  Now I know what you’re thinking: just don’t sit in the break room.  Sometimes I go elsewhere, but I feel I don’t have to.  I like to sit down and eat my lunch in peace without having to hear morons guess what items you have to bring to a beach, among other inane categories.

In addition to the terribleness that is “Family Feud”, they’ve expanded their viewings to “Lingo”, “Deal or No Deal” and “The Newlywed Game”.  All shows that were in my opinion were never good to begin with that was the reason they were brought to the graveyard known as the Game Show Network.  They’re all fascinated by these shows like lobotomized patients with a ball.   I’m not against watching select game shows, and I mean SELECT game shows, once every few years, but that era has gone and will never come back.  Hence,  they have their own network.

I also forgot to mention that Family Feud airs on My Network TV.  Now that’s certainly not a plug for the show, but everything that airs on that channel typically sucks.  They have no original programming and thank God they don’t.  Remember UPN?  Yeah I’ve blocked it out too.  It’s just a waste of a channel and should be stricken from cable providers everywhere.  It should go away, no matter how many people lose their jobs.  There are other places to work in television with better dignity and benefits included.

This is a call to the people I work with: CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL!!!!  I’m sick of wasting Tweets on how much I hate this shit we end up watching.  If this is what you all watch at home I absolutely pity you.  It’s time that we watch something better or get rid of the TV.  At this point I’m more comfortable with the latter option.  What I’ve ranted about here is only scratching the surface.  Don’t even get me started on that cock bag Maury!