What I’ve Learned From Twitter

This week marks the one year anniversary that my cohorts and I all signed up for a Twitter account.  Initially we thought the same thing: Twitter is stupid, none of us really wanna use it, but if we’re promoting our website, we’ll all individually get one.  We thought we’d never use this as a frequent tool of communication.  Oh were we ever so wrong.  Twitter has brought us many joys, laughs, and many people to follow.  Hell we’ve even gained some of our own followers along the way.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned on this social media site in the last 365 days:

1)  Although you’d think porn stars would be fun to follow for the endless amount of sexy pictures, they are in fact some of the most normal, dare I say boring, people outside of their day job.  Ironically, they never tweet from when they’re filming something, just when they want ice cream or about to watch some terrible Adam Sandler movie.

2)  Some people are notorious tweeters who will clog up your feed and make your phone look like an endless list of what looks like binary code and licensee plate numbers.  They retweet everything so you have to sift through all their postings to get to what you want to read.  This means you, Seth Green and Kevin Smith.

3)  “What the hell is a hashtag and what are these things at the end of everyone’s tweet?” is what I asked a year ago.  Now I hashtag everything.  #everything.

4)  Who knew a woman could be so vulgar and get away with it?  If you’re not following Slashleen on Twitter, then you’re not using this social media tool to its full potential.

5)  Frisky Friday gives new meaning to happy endings… of your week.

6)  If you follow a movie or TV show, you’re feed will be bombarded with re-tweets from people who just moments ago like you watched the same program.  Ridiculous polls like “Which character is your favorite?” will also be included.  Try to avoid these.

7)  Best people to follow on Twitter (besides us):  Conan O’Brien, Craig Ferguson, Geoff Petersen, Slashleen, Gene Hunt, Albert Brooks, Ginger Wildheart, Michael Ian Black, Rainn WIlson, Death Star PR, Playboy and Zack Ryder.

8)  Not the best people to follow on Twitter:  Shawn Michaels, Patton Oswalt, Randy Orton, and, tragically, Steve Martin and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After a year of being on Twitter I can I really enjoy using this social media outlet.  I look at it as my own private corner where I can say what I want, speak my mind, and be at my funniest.  What I can’t say on Facebook, I post there.  I genuinely save my best material for Twitter.  Everyone else on this site wholeheartedly agrees.

If you haven’t yet follow me @jackwagon85 on Twitter.  I promise I’m funny and so are these guys:  @Metal_Drew, @Chris_A_Rocks, @Taggsonian, @Noyes33 and @ronberky.  Our other contributor, Jimmy, doesn’t have one yet and as soon as he’s done playing “Arkham City,” we’ll make sure he gets one.

Enjoy your tweets and #happythanksgiving.