Episode 1: FirstCast

Hello, World!  Welcome to the official home of The Only Podcast That Matters, the international headquarters for unfiltered, all natural, carbon-based, biodegradable, cool, crisp, and refreshing lunacy.

We are four men who regularly provide an equal amount of praise and bitching in our daily lives, much to the dismay of our friends and loved ones. Here we will provide a weekly dose of our fractured perceptions on life and reality as we see it.

As explained in our debut episode, which we bring to you this (in)glorious day, the four of us have been discussing the world at large for so long and entertaining (as well as bewildering) those around us, we wanted to put our conversations to practical use and air out our opinions for the inhalation of the collective internet noses.

Now, without further delay, we present to you…

The Only Podcast That Matters.

(please press “play”)




All our love,
Chris, Jack, Andrew and Ryan