I was watching an episode of “Hoarders” about animal hoarding and I had to turn it off. People who do this make me sick. Not only is it extremely unhealthy to have that many cats, but you are, in fact, abusing the animals and anyone you live with by having poor housing conditions. Unless you live on a farm, don’t have 15 dogs and 28 cats. I once saw a video of a woman who had an entire room so full of cats that you couldn’t see the floor. She would come in a few times a day and throw food out like she was feeding a herd of chickens. I do understand not wanting to see an animal suffering but when you sift through the 80 pounds of garbage and find a flattened dead kitty, who’s making who suffer? Just because you see an animal on the street does not mean it’s homeless. You probably just stole Mr. Snuggles from next door. Please get help, talk to your doctor, call a professional, have a Dr. Phil intervention or take up an new hobby like collecting Red Rose figurines, but do something and DON’T TAKE MY CAT!