Motorized Mayhem

Working in retail has very few ups and a hell of a lot of downs. Recently, I have started noticing more and more people who need to use a motorized shopping cart to get around the store. While I do understand the need for them and why some people need to use them, people need to realize that most stores have a limited amount of carts. Customers do not understand that other people in the store are using them and it is not my fault that are in use and they can’t have one at that second.


Half the problem is that the carts are worse than nipples on the Batman suit. You need to know how to get them to work if you want any kind of success, and trying to explain that to a customer is beyond useless. So when the cart “stalls” they think it’s dead and then it needs to be replaced with a new one. So now I am driving a new one half way across the store, get yelled at for not being quick enough and having poor carts. Then I jump on their “dead” one which is not really dead and drive away. At which time they comment “how did you do that” and I respond “magic”. Also if you walked into the store and plopped yourself into a cart then you can walk the hell out with out one.


When you return a cart or check if a cart is fully charged please plug it back in. Don’t complain to me that it’s not charged when you unplugged them all and left them. So please try using some etiquette when using a motorized cart or I might run you over.