Shaky Camera Syndrome: “Chronicle” Review

The movie Chronicle could be one of the best superhero movies of the year. It’s a shaky camera movie, but overall I think it can hold up against any top contenders this year (The Avengers, Spiderman, et al). It doesn’t have the draw of huge action stars or big budget, it does a good job with what it has.

While I’m not a huge fan of shaky camera movies, I will typically go watch them if it seems interesting or has action. This movie takes the hand held camera style of Blair Witch and Cloverfield and does something unique. It takes a third person role sometimes when filming. These kids have telekinetic powers which the director brilliantly shows off by having the main character hold the camera with his powers so you can see the whole range of what is happening. Sometimes your vantage point comes from a security or news camera feed. This was a very good imaginative way to shoot a hand held camera movie while taking it to the next level.

The movies is based around three friends: the bullied loser, the popular kid, and the one trying to fit in. The three friends stumble onto a hole in the ground where they find a glowing thing that gives them telekinetic powers. The movie is very character driven in the first two acts, especially with giving deeper insight into the bullied kid’s life, and an explosive third act. Obviously, in line with most superhero movies, there is a good versus evil and this one is no different. This is where the movie is very generic. You can probably guess the whole plot before you watch it, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth seeing. One character gets a top-of-the-food-chain complex and things spiral out of control from there, which leads to an amazing ending (think Akira) which will hopefully be copied when future superhero movies are made.

Overall, if you’re into superhero movies or even action movies, I highly recommend this movie to everyone. It is a little slow in the beginning, but it leads up to an amazing ending. I give this movie 4 out of 5 coconuts!