Staying Positive

Lately, I have been on a mission (a five-months-in resolution, if you will) to be more positive in everything I do, especially at work.  This has not just been a walk in the park though.

Work currently makes up about 70% of my stress and hulk smashism.  I would think that my bosses know about me trying to look at the bright side and throw things in my path just to see me blow up.  For example, the other day, 30 minutes before we closed our store, an employee informed me that they did not take their dinner break.  Let me set up this scenario that led to this: I closed that night and I had a skeleton crew, but found out in short order that two of the three people closing with me called out.  Suffice to say it was a very busy night, but I was staying positive through it all.  I kept my cool right up until the time I was informed of said person not getting their dinner break.  My chi is taking a nose dive off a cliff into a bus with orphans by this time.  BUT I did not lose it.  I kept my cool and just dealt with it, even if I felt like throwing someone into traffic.

From one hot head to another, it does not pay to keep things bottled up all the time.  They will explode one day, and not in your favor.  For me, I’ve found that a little prayer helps with my stress, to let God have some of it and hope for things to get better.  Or I’ll hum.  That seems to help me think about something else instead of the problems I’m having.  Try and find something that can take some of your stress from you, like writing or working out.  I wouldn’t recommend eating though.  That is its own stress.

You stay cheery America!