The Status No

In this day and age of Facebook, people have their entire lives displayed for everyone to see.  I use Facebook and I love almost everything about it, but there is one thing that I hate: the relationship status.

I know this is one of the major factors which made Facebook so popular in the first place, but it just lets too many people know too much, in my opinion. While I initially have no problem telling people that Buffy and Biff are “in a relationship,” it’s when it ends that bothers me the most.  When two people break up, it’s hard enough on them.  But with the relationship status, you now need to make it official, which now sends everyone into a frenzy of “what happened”, “omg,” “I’m Sorry,” or any number of exclamations.  This person should not have to explain their situation to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.  It begins as personal and ends with 300 people wanting to know the how and why.

I sometimes think the breakup is not as bad as the “Facebook breakup.”  One time, my cousin updated his status to single and had people writing to him “OMG,” “how could this happen,” “sorry,” and the best: “I thought you where going to be together forever.”  In reality, he was creating a relationship status for the first time, and he was single at that point.

This actually brings me to something else I find annoying about the relationship status.  It really burns my biscuits when you cannot be a couple until you are “Facebook official”.  Let this sink in: you cannot be together officially until A PROFILE ON A WEBSITE SAYS SO?!?!?  South Park had a fantastic episode which encapsulated this entire topic.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s called “You Have 0 Friends.”

If I said I would never have a relationship status on Facebook, I would be a liar.




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