Wrath of the Critic

I recently watched Wrath of the Titans and while I was not extremely excited about seeing it, I was very curious and hoped it was better than the first.  It wasn’t.

One of the biggest things I was looking for in the movie was Titans and there were none.  I mean if you are going to advertise in the title “Titans” with an “S” I would hope for more than just one.  That one titan was very cool and impressive but, like most movies these days, he was only in the last 20 minutes.

The 3D was actually very good.  It was not a 2D movie which was later converted to 3D like the first one.  During actions scenes the visuals jump right out at you and really immersed you in the action.  While the more dramatic scenes needed very little 3D effects, you could almost not tell the difference with glasses on or without.

The plot is where the movie fell very short.  It had a great idea but lost steam as soon as the movies started.  Perseus is asked to help save the world by saving Zeus from the clutches of Hades who is trying to release the Titan(s), but it introduces several characters and does not really develop them at all.  Everything seems way too rushed and sometimes makes no sense.  In one scene, our heroes are traveling there way through a maze to only come upon a “boss” after the boss; magically, they are out of the maze.  I know the maze was a cool feature where the visuals where impressively shown off but, come on, they could have at least took a few turns to get out.  The plot sucked.

Overall I give Wrath of the Titans 2 out 5 coconuts.  If you’re just looking for a visual treat, I would highly recommend this movie.  If you want a mythical world filled with the gods verse the titans with great drama, character development and great story telling, you are looking in the wrong place.  I would recommend Immortals, which is such a better movie.

…at least until Sony inevitably makes the God of War movie!