Delving For Tunes

I find myself getting bored with my tired playlist again. When this happens I need to search for some new music. It’s not an easy task to find a band or compilation that will hold my interest for very long. It is rather tough for a guy like myself who doesn’t have a smart phone or satellite radio. So I need to actively search out these bands that will be playing in my ears for the coming months. There is still plenty of technology at my disposal to set on my musical venture. With which I do usually find enough new music to sustain my hunger pains.

A common website I use when I’m on my search is This site lets you type in a band’s name that you already know and like, and it will put together a string of songs by different bands that sound like the one you listed. A good example of a band I found through this method is Portugal the Man. I simply typed in Mars Volta, and one of the top similar bands was Portugal the Man. I didn’t immediately find the charm of the band, so I continued listening to more of the band on various other websites. In my personal experience, I find the more I know about a band the more I can appreciate their music. So while listening to a band’s music on one page, I’m researching them on another. I feel it makes for a more complete musical experience.

Another way I look for music is through Youtube, surprisingly. It’s a good way to find similar bands on the same record label. Plus I’m a sucker for reading other people’s comments on the various bands I like. Nothing is better than people having a “this band is better than that” argument on the web. I digress from my point. Since my particular taste in music is various, I don’t want to find a carbon copy of bands I already know. If at all possible, I like to find bands that cross genres. So it’s interesting when I look up an artist such as Joe Bonamassa. What pops up as similar to him can vary from country to blues, even hard rock bands will appear.

The most common way I peruse the magical world of the auditory arts is through iTunes. This is where I’ve found practically my whole music library. It’s hard to think of how I got by before iTunes came around. All that was around was FM radio and MTV. Not much choice of music with just those devices. With iTunes, it was just nice to have a place to organize all my music. Now it’s come as far as incorporating a mechanic known as Genius. This nifty little program will actually find you a song similar to the one you’re currently listening to. It has helped me find bands like Oysterhead, Street Sweeper Social Club, and High on Fire.

These are just a few ways I continue my music exploration. Of course I hear plenty of good music in my video games and movies. My friends have great taste in music, usually. So I am never at a loss of exposure to new tunes. These are just ways I search in any free time I have. I’m ever searching, so if anyone has good recommendations for me, I’m willing to listen to anything and everything. Well I’m feeling the calling as I type this, so I’m off to see what my searches will yield. Keep listening and keep learning.