Making An Effort

I’ve never liked asking for a lot of help. Asking for a small favor, sure. I cannot stand that our society seems to expect more for less though. Where is our work ethic? How can you feel entitled to something you haven’t earned? If you want good things to happen in your life, you need to put in the time and effort. We’ve all worked with coworkers who don’t put any effort in their work, then complain that they don’t see an increase in pay. He’s the same guy who is waiting for the imaginary job that will pay him so much more for doing little to no work. The same goes for the college graduate who expects to land the dream job after they graduate. It’s still going to take time to look into job opportunities, even if it’s not exactly in the field you got your degree in. It gives off a negative attitude when people don’t try in the workplace, and it causes other people to think their job isn’t worth the effort as well.

I’m not typing this up to pinpoint one person or to call everyone out on their complaints. There are plenty of people who work really hard and get no credit or recognition. This entry is aimed at the people who constantly have a couldn’t care less attitude, which brings down the attitude of those around them. I’m usually a cheery upbeat kind of guy, but these slouches really burn my biscuits, to steal a phrase from my buddy Cory. It’s understandable for people to think a job is beneath them, but you aren’t accomplishing anything by ridiculing your job or the company. Good luck putting that on your resume.

The only thing I ask, is to try. Things may not be heading in the direction you want, but you should still make the most of the situation you’re in. Being seen in a negative light is only going to hinder your chances of getting a lucky break. If you’re not happy with what you have, go out and make a difference yourself. Stop complaining about the job market and your wasted education. Put your name out there and give your all in whatever line of work you land. It will be experience for your future. So next time you slackers decide to rant about your lackluster paycheck, just know I couldn’t care less.