So the fine fellows at TOPTM decided they would allow me a little spot to blog on their page.  Here’s to hoping I don’t disappoint them, or any of you.  You can expect plenty of absurd, highly biased reviews from me about music, movies, and really any form of entertainment, though I’m sure you’re all very accustomed to that from these other gents.  My unfocused thoughts, however, will lead to tangents, leopards, and stories within stories.  I’ll try to keep it as coherent as I can with my sub-par writing skills. I plan to talk about my love for anime, metal music, and my passion for video games.  I may even let you in on some of the things that make me tick.  All in all, you’re going to learn the way Metal Jimmy’s mind works.  So if you find some time in-between illegally downloading your music and waiting for your movies to buffer, come check out what’s happening in my brain today.