A Deer Story

Last month, I went to Southampton with a few friends for the weekend.   Being a group of 3, we decided to take one car and I volunteered to drive the 3 hours it would take to get there.  We were staying in a house in a wooded area where we met up with another couple of friends. We arrived at night without any issues, but had to drive very slow to find the house since there were no street lamps in this particular area.

After getting to the house, the five of us decided to grab a bite to eat in town.  Being that it was around 10pm, in an area without street lamps, and it was deer mating season, it was a perfect cacaphony that led to the inevitable: A close encounter of the furred kind.

We started driving down the local highway and at about halfway to town, I noticed what was a silhouette of a deer from the oncoming traffic’s headlights. The moment I saw it, the deer darted across the road.  I hit the brakes, but couldn’t stop in time.  Not only did it run into my car, it ran dead-center of the hood, bounced off, and slid across the ground.

For an instant, everything froze.  I wasn’t going more than 20 mph when I hit the deer, so I knew it was gonna be fine and would do one of two things:  It would either get up and run off, or get up and run at us.  Figuring it was a good idea to jet before the deer got up and chose what to do, I gunned it for about 100 feet to get away from there.  Once I was far enough away, and the passengers in the back seat told me the deer was gone, we got out of the car and checked the damage.


Overall, the damage didn’t look that bad.  After filling out the paperwork for the insurance company and police report, I went to get some estimates for the damage the deer’s lovetap would cost.  Not only was the cost more than I figured it would be, one of the repair shops told me “Usually I say it looks worse than it is but in this case, it’s the opposite.”
The final amount?  Over $3,000.  Now, whenever I pass a deer on the road, this is what I picture doing.

And the scumbag deer I hit?  According to the 3 in the back seat, it walked off in the direction it came from as if nothing happened.