Smart Planning, But Not Really

Sitting in a hotel lobby near the Roppongi district in Tokyo, I realized I made a couple of mistakes. Earlier today, I switched hotels and decided to ship my luggage rather than carry it around with me. I met someone at the hotel breakfast buffet at my first hotel this morning who was also going sightseeing and we planned to go check out a few sites together. I thought it would be better to ship my luggage rather than carry it around all over Tokyo.  This was my first oops.  I, being the genius that I am, thought it would be better to ship my laptop so I wouldn’t have to  lug it around.  The only problem is I had written a blog entry to post today but hadn’t posted it yet.  This was my first mistake.  An entirely thought out entry in which every single word was carefully chosen can no longer see the light of the Internet because I had left it in a text document on my laptop and forgot to upload the contents.   Now, you’ll just have to put up with this piece of crap, half of which my damn autocorrect is trying to combine SEPARATE WORDS to make wordsdidn’t words that don’t even exist (see above example).

After my first oops, I decided to separate my cash so that if I lost mywallet my wallet, I’d have an emergency stash to rely on.  I promptly put two 10,000 yen (about $240) notes in my right pocket next to my iPhone, which I had no reason to take out at any time.

After visiting asakusa antraveling and taking a subway to Roppongi, we stopped at a local restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat.  fryer afree After we had eaten, we said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways. It wasn’t until I decided to post an entry  that I realized myforeat gnu my first mistake.  After checking in, I discovered my second mistake: checking my pockets after taking out my iPhone to make sure the spare cash was there.  I remember taking my iphone out of my pocket to show my fellow siteseer some landmarks, but i couldn’t recall pulling out my emergency funds.

In a nutshell: I lost the money I set aside in case I lost my money.  How the hell does that happen?