Monster Mash

Now I have that stupid song “Monster Mash” stuck in my head.  Anyway, I’m here to review “Pacific Rim,” the latest in the summer’s 3D mega blockbusters.  At the time that this review is being posted, most likely the film is departing your local cinema because the attention spans of audiences are getting shorter and shorter.  If you missed it and still have and opportunity to go see it please do yourself a favor and go.  It’s just plain awesome!  Honestly that’s all I can say about it.

Go in with the expectation of two hours of nonstop action with destruction in tow and you won’t be disappointed.  The story is very basic.  Gigantic monsters called Kaiju come from another dimension beneath the Pacific Ocean and reek absolute havoc on the world.  They poison major cities with their toxins and leave the city in ruins.  In order to stop this threat, the Jaeger program is instituted.  Basically it’s a government run program to build and use gigantic robots to fight these creatures.

For a while the program succeeds, but like any enemy, the Kaiju evolve and the Jaeger program begins to stand on it’s last legs as the number of machines and pilots begin to dwindle.  In an act of desperation before the program is shut down, a military commander played by Edris Elba (Thor, Prometheus) enlists the help of his best pilot played by Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) who’s been out of commission since his brother was killed in action along side him five years earlier while operating a Jaeger in combat.  What is the secret to defeating the enemy and what do we do when all options run out?  We apparently fight these hideous creatures until there’s nothing left of them.  That makes for a fun night out at the movies.

Overall the movie is fun and enjoyable.  There are some interesting casting choices that make for some funny moments in the movie such as Charlie Day (Horrible Bosses, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy).  There’s some interesting scientific aspects of the film as it pertains to studying the enemy too.  But in the end it’s the action and excitement that will get people into seats for this one.  Also if you’re a fan of Godzilla, King Kong and other monster movies, you’ll love this.  You can even bring your kids to see it, since there isn’t much bad language or gore throughout.  Chances are they’ll love it.

I highly recommend seeing it in 3D too.  IMAX 3D is preferable in order to get the film’s true immersive experience.  You really feel like you sink into the movie and be glad you spent $15 to see it that way.  Kudos to Guillermo Del Toro for continuing to push the boundaries of film making and making a great monster vs. robot film for the ages.

Overall Score: 9 out of 10