Driving…ME crazy (I Stole Chris’ Title)

It seems as though Chris got ahead of me on the idea, but I still want to vent this out. I, also, have a few pet peeves while driving, but the biggest one as of later doesn’t come from other motorists.

No, it comes from the group of jackasses on two wheels and no motors. Bicyclists. Especially these extra douche baggy, think-I’m-Lance-Armstrong’s-replacement cyclists. No one needs to see your overweight ass stuffed into those form fitting triathlon shorts.

I digress.

What really irks me about these numb skulls is that they believe they have the right of way everywhere, not just in their designated lane. They come zooming out from a side street, glaring at you the whole time, with a face that says “If you hit me, I’ll sue the shit outta you, even though I’m wrong”. And I’ve noticed that these are typically the same posh motherfuckers that drive Mercedes and Audis and don’t use their turn signals. I guess arrogance becomes exponentially bigger if you own a bike and a luxury car.

Even worse than one of the nitwits on the road is the “biker gang”. I’m not talking about burly, Viking looking men (and women) on their Harley’s causing havoc and mayhem. I’m talking about the idiots who feel they need to get all their enthusiast friends to join the on a merry stroll down an already clogged street. Not only do these turds make it hard to pass them since there’s other cars coming in the opposite direction, but they tend to flair out from the side of the road, making passing impossible. Then they give you dirty looks (and the finger) when you eventually do get around them.

Look, I’m all for getting in shape. I’ve made it to my 3rd week of P90X and will stand behind anyone who wants to get or keep a healthy lifestyle. Just know when to control it and know that just because you want to do something, it doesn’t mean everyone else has to see it/bend to you will.