A Cut Above, part 1

The older I get, the more I feel I need to “refine” my tastes in different things. Whether it be cigars, music or food, I have an urge to make myself try things that make me feel “like a sir“(as the meme goes). The most recent of these ventures was getting my first straight razor shave.

I had been playing with the idea of getting one for some time but, like most people, was somewhat frighten by the idea of having some guy with a knife near my throat. That, and until recently, I couldn’t find a place close enough to actually have the process done. That all changed when my cousin Chris decided to join me in my quest to feel more “dignified”.

The two of us found a small barber shop in Red Bank called Old World Shaving Parlor that advertised a “Sweeney Todd”, a straight razor shave and a haircut, for $50. When we arrived, we felt like we had stepped back in time. The place is 90% restored from what one would think a barber shop would look like in the 1800-1900s. A waiting area (complete with Jack Daniels and a Playboy), two booths, a cash register, and a door leading to a small back area where all the supplies are kept. Efficient.

My cousin was up first. He and I were only getting the shave done, a cost of $30 each. The whole process took the same amount of time you would expect a normal haircut would; about 15 to 20 minutes. The results, however, were amazing. Ricardo, the owner and straight off the boat Sicilian, was certainly a master at his craft. Perfection was his goal and it showed. My face had never felt that smooth, even after using the 2, 3, or 17 bladed monstrosities that most shave companies offer. I went back a couple weeks later to have my hair cut and was greeted by the same smiling faces (plus Ricardo’s new wife). My scalp received the same care my face did and I was again impressed with the results. I highly recommend this establishment to any man wanting a good, clean cut, whether it be your face or head.

After having the pleasure of receiving a straight razor shave,I began researching the topic further. My findings will be present in part 2 of this entry.