Middle Ground

Nothing infuriates me more than mass produced, misconstrued and generally bad theories about tragic events that happen in our country; especially conspiracy theories.

Ever since the events of Newtown, the media has been swarming over anything dealing with a firearm. And if its bad news, the more the press wants to cover it. We, as  the general consumer populace, have been inundated with “news” regarding anything has the term “gun” or “firearm” remotely attached to it.  Its getting to a fever pitch, ever since the President told the country of his new plan on how to handle the situation.

Now let’s step back and think for a second: if a national leader says something a large majority of people don’t like, of course there will be a backlash towards it. This, however, is getting ridiculous. It seems that every word the NRA (I’m not supporting them) and any other gun owner in this country says or types is being scrutinized as if they are all home grown terrorists. Listen, I have a purchasers permit, I plan on owning a gun one day, but I have no plans on going on some sort of killing spree or showing (or letting them know of) the weapon of to any children I may have. Still, my name is on the register, so I will be vilified at some point.

On the other side of the coin, and the reason I said I wasn’t supporting the gun nuts at the NRA, are the anti-Liberal, anti-Obama conspiracy theorists. The newest thing the web is being flooded with are all the theories about how the entire shooting was a set up, or worse, a hoax. The gun nuts claim that it was set up by the current administration to help push their anti-gun agenda and eradicate the 2nd Amendment, among other things. They tell stories about how all the parents in the videos were hired actors and have no real connection to the tragedy. There is even one video that says one of the children wasn’t killed and is seen in later news footage with her parents.

Now, I’m not linking to any of these vids because I don’t want them to garner any more attention then they already have. You can find all you want if you just Google “Newtown conspiracy”. What I don’t understand is why people can’t calmly sit down and talk about this. People become too emboldened when something they feel strongly about starts to make press. This drives the wedge further between us as individuals and makes us focus on the hate of the other group rather than the problem at hand. Crime will always be present, no matter how many laws you enact and how much you try to tighten the grip on whatever the supposed problem is.

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