With the all the hooplah surround cyber bullying, why is it that a teenager’s answer to everything is killing themselves? Do they honestly believe that when they’re gone everything will be better? That the entire world will mourn the loss of John Doe or Suzy Q?

Get real.

This is one of the many reasons I can’t stand conversing with a person who is under the age of 19. Not saying that I’m all that mature, but come on. Just because someone is/was an asshole to you, your date stood you up or dumped you, your parents yelled at you, etc., doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself. Think of it like this: maybe that person was an ass to you because you annoy or are better than them. Guess what? You should keep right on living if you bother them that much. Give them a reason to wake up frustrated and annoyed that they have to be in your presence again. I personally enjoy tormenting people with my existence.

Here’s another side to the suicide solution, for all those “hopeless” cases. To all those who want the world to mourn them, realize this: successfully committing suicide voids all types of insurance. That means your parents won’t get the money from the government to bury you. They won’t just be crying over your carcass, but also the carcass of their empty wallet, since they had to dish out a couple thousand to put you in the ground. Guess that means that if your parents are thrifty, you’re getting buried under Mom’s flower bed.

Third subtopic:
Suggesting suicide as an insult or comeback. Stupid, ignorant move. I read a blog recently in which the writer copied a conversation he had with a young girl on AIM(remember that?). The author simply stated that the girl was too young, compared to himself, who is 24. To lash back at him for this supposed insult, the girl went on to rant about how he was prematurely judging someone; stating how she buys clothes off eBay because they cost less, listens to everyone, and has had “more experiences” than your typical 16 year old. The only thing that he had to say in return was that she wasn’t even old enough to vote and how she also mocks the President and the war, when he was actually there. She replied by saying he was an asshole and should “consider killing yourself”. Wow. What a great, mature comeback. Kill himself because he was right.
How many times has this happened? Many people probably commit suicide because of this attitude, when these people are either right or doing the right thing in the first place.

Overall synopsis: Grow up. Suicide is not an answer, or a great comeback and/or insult.