The X Factor

Let’s face it, dieting sucks. Especially if you’re like me and food is your greatest comfort. Shitty snack food that increases dopamine levels after a stressful day of work, depressing day at the office , or just putting up with you’re wife, are a wonderful thing.

But there comes a point where you need to put down that scoop of chocolate chip mint ice cream and think about your future. “I know I’m a fat ass; how can I change it?”

Personally. I’m slowly changing my eating habits to foods that are better for me (I’ve become a big fan of the odwalla products), trying to stop eating before I go to bed, and recently decided to try an exercise program. You can guess by the blog title which one I’m thinking about.

That’s right, I’m planning on buying the p90x workout DVDs. Being the skeptic I am, I normally shy away from heavily advertised weight loss pills and routines, but I’ve seen the results of p90x firsthand. A coworker of mine lost 40 lbs and even our photographer Ryan lost a bunch of weight over the 3 month period of the work out. Results like that are hard to ignore.

Hopefully in the 3 months after receiving the kit I’ll be able to post before and after pics and start to sound like one of the advertisements that plague early morning TV. Until then, pass the Fritos, I’ve got a video game to play.