X Marks the Spot

Wow. Two weeks without an entry. Uhhh….

Either way, things have been going on behind the scenes with our site and our cast that will hopefully bring us a further reach and better content for you, the listener.

Other than that, I wrote a blog a while back saying that I was thinking about buying and using the P90X exercise program to help lose some of this spare tire around my waist. Last week I actually went through with it. The  program arrived at my doorstep Thursday, but I had planned on starting Sunday of this week, just because I’m one of those people that need a solid schedule. As of this writing, I’m on Day 5 and it has been kicking my ass the whole way. I have never felt the burn of lactic acid to this extent in my legs or arms before. It truly is an uphill battle, especially for someone like me who has been out of shape since their teens.

The weird thing? My wife (because we’re doing this together) and I feel … happier. They say that exercise increases endorphin levels, but I didn’t expect  it to be this much. It’s almost a motivational factor now.

Here’s hoping I can make it  finish with the results I want and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll do anther round. Or I’ll move up to Insanity (oh boy).