Connecting The Dots

So here we are.  100 straight weeks of Rants.  No , this won’t be the absolute last one, but for now, I won’t be posting on a weekly basis but more sporadically when I have something interesting to say.

This has been a hell of a lot of fun for me to do.  Way back in early 2005 when I originally started ranting, my plan was to write one blog a month for the sake of keeping my writing in shape and giving me something to continuously work on.  Things didn’t really unfold that way, but if we fast forward just over five years, there was a weekly podcast to continually work on and the eventual weekly column you are enjoying right now.  The seed I planted years back which sprouted slowly through random posts on Blogger and semi-privately on MySpace has grown into 100 weekly posts which I am incredibly proud of.

It’s true that I’m only 31 years old, but when I look back at different stages of my life, it’s very cool to see how many of the seeds I’ve planted have grown into larger parts of my life.  Back in 2006, when I became aware of the media known as the podcast through Disney/Pixar’s Cars promotional video series and episodes of Steve Jones’ radio show on Indie 103.1, I developed an immediate affection for it.  I’d always thought it might be something fun to do down the line, although I didn’t know who I’d do a show with.

Two years later, after moving back to New Jersey, I reconnected with Andrew and met Ryan, and many laughs were born on a weekly basis.  The subject of doing a collective blog came up many times with no real action being taken, and we started kicking around ideas for a podcast.  You may very well be aware of how destiny took us forward from there, and in 2010, all this began.  Weekly shows gave way to a few smaller shows along the way, entertaining film commentaries, new contributors, and nearly 30 videos.  These 100 Mondays have not only seen the development of my writing, but they’ve also been one of the many series of dots which have connected all we’ve done during this time.

And there is so much more to come.

Without any tears or long, drawn-out goodbyes, I humbly thank you for reading my thoughts and complaints and I hope you’ll continue checking out what we’re up to here at the dot-com.

See you soon…