A Lesson Forgotten

Last week, I went to the theater to see, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and just as I expected, it is the most important movie that is out right now, or that has been released in recent memory. History only seems to remember Lincoln’s later years; his emancipation of the slaves, his presidency, the Civil War, and his assassination. What history doesn’t seem to remember are his formative years; the murder of his mother by a vampire, the human-friendly vampire that taught him how to slay hordes of bloodthirsty beasts, his courtship with Mary Todd, and the hidden war he fought before the one that tore our nation apart. Nobody wants to believe any of it, but anyone in their right mind shouldn’t have a hard time believing that the American government would hide this for a hundred and fifty years. This documentary is the most important history lesson any American citizen can possibly learn. I hope everyone sees this film, and does so with an open mind.