Brat-Free Is The Way To Be

I am a huge fan of the relatively recent child-free movement that has risen in public places, popularly known as “brat bans”. I don’t like many things, and screaming, obnoxious ankle-biters are no fucking exception. There are few things more irritating than a misbehaved, crying child, especially one who is not being controlled by their parents. Restaurants, grocery and department stores, movie theaters and other establishments have had to suffer through temper tantrums, tears, screaming, and broken merchandise I’m sure because of ill-behaved rugrats. A note to parents out there- start training your kids like you would a dog, or don’t bring them out in public. Childless people, even couples are tired of hearing your spawn scream their heads off because you won’t buy them something or because little Johnny pulled little Susie’s hair. When people go to the movies, to dinner, or even to shop, they like to do so in peace. The world is now listening. Some airlines have imposed bans on young children in first class, and many restaurants, movie theaters and department stores are following suit. This is nothing short of awesome. Many parents are enraged by this, as they claim it is difficult to find a babysitter for just a couple hours. While I find it hard to believe that you can’t find SOMEBODY in your life that can watch your brat for a couple hours, what you impose upon the ears and sanity of others when you bring your banshee of a child out in public is just selfish. I hope this movement continues to spread, like the ebola virus. Good day.