4 years in the making. It’s finally here. The epic conclusion to the to the story of Christopher Nolan’s Batman. I still remember seeing The Dark Knight in theaters during the summer of 2008. I injured my knee that night after the movie and passed out on the sidewalk in front of a friend’s house and still managed to stumble into work the next day on just an hour and a half of sleep. I have mixed feelings about this amazing series coming to an end, as I feel like I would watch a Batman epic every couple years, provided the story is great and the main actors returned each time (story permitting). Conversely, I enjoy the finality of this coming weekend’s blockbuster, assuming it wraps up the story nicely, leaving fans satisfied, awed, and maybe even shedding a tear or two. I am beyond excited to see Christian Bale don the mask one more time and knock the crap out of bad guys, for Morgan Freeman to return as his weapons and equipment specialist, for Gary Oldman’s return as Commissioner Gordon, Anne Hathaway’s introduction as Catwoman, and last but not least, the introduction of Bane, portrayed by Tom Hardy. This movie is sure to be a knockout, one to remember for all of time. I will be seeing Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in the theater leading up to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, and hope to make it to the next day well-rested, uninjured, and blown away. I wish you all the same.