A Pirate’s Life Is Not For Me

I’ve never understood the joys of piracy at all, that in fact if there are any joys to it to begin with.  I’ve always been a fan of owning the physical media of something, whether it’s a CD, DVD or more recent Blu-Ray, or something as simple as a movie ticket.  Call me crazy, but I love putting my hard earned cash into something I want in the hopes something good will come out of it.  Sure, we’ve all seen or purchased tickets to movies that we’ve all hated, or purchased a CD and only listened to one or two songs due to the dissatisfaction of my expectations for it.  It sucks sometimes, but that’s just life.  Take the good with the bad and move on.  Just because something doesn’t live up to my expectations and there is little chance I’d be getting my money back for it doesn’t make me hate the system.

I’ve never once thought to steal something online whatever it may be.  Not because I’m some angel who wouldn’t dare break the law, but because I don’t enjoy obtaining such interests in that manner.  Who really wants to download a movie and watch a grainy variation of it on their computer monitor instead of seeing it up close and personal?  If you said you would rather do things that way, then that’s really really lame.  I remember borrowing the two “Kill Bill” movies in high school after someone got them from online and didn’t enjoy the experience at all.  The movies were great, but the format sucked.  Since then if I want to see something, I’ll make sure I’d have the money for it.  Another time I illegally downloaded something was when I was looking for an mp3 app for my phone to download music to listen to on my phone.  I thought it didn’t matter because I owned all the songs on various formats already and I just wanted to have them at a quick moments notice.  I didn’t go in with the intention of stealing.  After I downloaded songs from an mp3 app on my phone,  my phone experienced severe problems.  A lesson learned I suppose.

I love owning the physical product itself.  Hell, I don’t even properly purchase music from sites like Amazon or iTunes because I’d rather have the CD itself.  Even those that have been out of print for a while.  Usually, I have an avenue to which I can purchase a new copy.  If not, then used will do.  And if that doesn’t work, I’ll buy an iTunes gift card and make a purchase when all else fails.  I want to support those in the music industry whom I listen to daily by owning their album.  It’s the least I can do to show my appreciation.  It’s also the truest representation of fandom in my book.  Same goes for movies.  If I love it, it will definitely occupy space on my movie shelf upon release to home video, especially after enjoying it in the theater on possibly more than one occasion.  Besides owning something is the greatest form of bragging rights there is.

For those who pirate, it’s not worth it.  You may think you’re cheating the system and giving an “F you” to the big evil record companies and movie studios because their grossly overpriced merchandise, but in the end you’re committing a really stupid crime.  Even if something comes out that’s terrible, somebody worked on it and deserves their cut, no matter how small the fees may be.  Besides fines usually cost more than a pile of CD’s, DVDs, Blu-rays and movie stubs combined.  So in the end you’re not giving an “F you” to the industries, but rather it comes full circle right back to you.

In closing, piracy sucks.  End it.

Oh and Happy 4th of July.