Bow To The Masters

The other night myself, Chris, Cory, Ryan and my Father went to see “The Expendables 2” and had the time of our lives watching what could possibly be the best action movie in decades.  We laughed, we cheered, we laughed some more and had our minds blown.  We’ve all seen some fun movies this summer, but this the most over the top film of the summer and the year for that matter in the best way possible.

Seeing this film made me think back to my youth.  First of all, who my age or older didn’t grow up watching Stallone, Schwartzenegger, and Van Damme movies?  I used to remember watching these films with my Dad on Saturday and Sunday afternoons on Channel 11 (edited for television of course) and sometimes on VHS and HBO when we first got it.  I saw “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” when I was six and “Demolition Man” when I was eight.  I grew up watching these guys raise hell on screen like no body else had.  They played the one man army to a freaking T and you believed that for two hours that these men would kick anyone’s ass and go through everyone just to get what they wanted.  It was the golden era of action films, and they weren’t mindless either, despite what critics said.

Growing up I always wanted to see a bunch of these guys together or against one another in a film and with the advent of this “Expendables” franchise, those films are coming true.  Sure, most of these actors are in their 40s, 50s and even their 60s, but if age proves anything it’s that a number slows none of these men down.  In the two films out now and however many sequels will follow, these action veterans can still get it done and still do it better than everyone else.  Despite that people think that Stallone and Schwartzenegger lost it a long time ago because their projects weren’t making the kind of money they made in their heyday, but they never lost a step.

Today’s big action stars aren’t as well regarded as “The Expendables” are.  There is a resurgence in the Action genre because of these films, yet it seems to be a more nostalgic type resurgence.  People want to see Stallone on the big screen again.  People want to see Schwartzenegger back kicking ass and taking names instead of passing legislation and quoting his films at campaign rallies.  I’m not sure if people want to see Jason Statham, because with the exception of “The Expendables” if you’ve seen on Statham movie you’ve seen them all.  Regardless, people still want to see these guys back on the big screen because it’s nostalgic, fun and still magic.

Everyone Critics want to count these guys out by saying they’re too old and grasping at a last attempt at stardom.  Movies like this are proof that these guys are far from putting one foot in the grave and they can still break you.  Any actor who aspires to be the next big action mega-star in Hollywood needs to do so by playing endearing, ass kicking characters on screen and make these guys proud so that it can continue the legacy of great action flicks.  As far as “The Expendables” sequels go, get Steven Segual, Nicholas Cage, Ving Rhames, Wesley Snipes and anyone else who’s left a trail of carnage behind them on the silver screen at one time or another to join up.  These movies can last forever as long as I’m concerned.