Bowed Over

In recent months, I’ve found no weapon more interesting or unmistakably cool than a bow and arrow.  After watching recent movies such as “The Avengers” and “The Hunger Games,” not to mention the best show on television (in my humble opinion) “The Walking Dead” most of the protagonists in these stories carry a bow and arrow as a weapon.  Norman Reedus brought back the awesomeness of the weapon, Jeremy Renner perfected it, and Jennifer Lawrence made it sexy to fire one.  Yes I know these are actors playing roles, but it’s just awesome.

There’s something to be said on how awesome a weapon like that is.  Anyone can pull a gun on someone or draw a knife, but with one of these you can hit someone from such a distance that they wouldn’t know what hit them or what that sharp stick is that just pierced part of their body.  There’s a heightened set of skills that are required to fire a bow and arrow, a cross bow or any other similar man made weapon of the sort.  Chances are I don’t possess and of these skills and would most likely hit the wrong person, myself or completely screw up the entire shot with a bow and arrow.  Still, the intrigue to fire one has been amplified after all the films I’ve seen.

I’d love to see police forces and the army have an archer on standby for emergency situations.  If there’s ever a threat where automatic weapons are too risky, call in the dude with the cross bow or the bow and arrow.  That will teach someone to rob a bank or create some other hostile situation.  Now try to pull the arrow out of your neck fucker.  Hopefully this comes true, but until then we always have the movies and…!