Doorbusted III: Wait In Line

I hate when people feel they’re entitled to something before everyone else, when in fact they’re not any more special than the person next to them.  This is never more evident than in the checkout lines in stores.  I don’t understand how people can shop for hours on end and when it comes to checking out at the counter, their time is all of a sudden more valuable than the person next to them and they need to checkout right away.  It infuriates me, especially since I’m the one who has to hear this incessant whining and complaining.

People throw fits, shout complaints at the top of their lungs, stand by you until you get other lanes open and do other things that assholes who shop normally do.  Here’s an idea: SHUT THE FUCK UP AND WAIT YOUR GODDAMN TURN!  Yeah, I know it’s annoying and trust me people in retail don’t like having only three registers open during peak periods of people traffic, but your complaining is only gonna get store employees more fed up to the point where they want to strangle you.  That’s right, strangle you!  Think Homer Simpson.  Yeah, that bad.  Maybe just maybe the asshole in front of you who has seven kids and decided to buy an entire new wardrobe and pantry of food should have displayed some common courtesy and let you go first since you’re buying a bottle of ketchup, but then again common courtesy is a thing of relics.

Believe me, store employees want you out of the store just so they never have to see your disgruntled, unappreciative face ever again.  They get as many people on register so they can get you the fuck out, just to stop your bitching.  No one wants to wait in line, I get it.  I don’t either.  Sometimes places like a theme park, a store, a movie theater, and various other public places have waiting times, and you can’t help it.  Just shut the fuck up and wait your turn.  Maybe you should have planned better and not decided to join the conglomerate of assholes who all decided to shop at one time.  Usually on a bright sunny day too.  Which I don’t understand why people all shop when it’s beautiful outside, but that’s another story for another time.

Shut up, take a number and have a great day.