Fashionably Late

There’s a reason this entry went up 8 hours later….I tend to be someone who’s late, often.  I’m late for group get togethers, late to work, late to picking up someone where we have to be somewhere, etc, etc, etc.  Some people blame Chris for this, but in recent years it’s been my own doing.  I used to get to some of these places that I’d mentioned before very early.  I’d leave my house about a half hour early give or take to get to somewhere that I’d thought would take the entire half hour to get to and would be there within ten minutes.

What do I do with that extra time?  The days before having a smart phone I’d either sit in my car and listen to a CD while people walked by and probably wondered what I was doing just sitting there.  Or if I was headed to a restaurant I’d go and put my name in for the table my friends and I would sit at, who weren’t there or running late themselves.  I’d just sit there, either impatiently waiting for someone to come and at least keep me some company or would flip through the three apps on my cell phone to make it look like I was busy.  All I had were recent calls, text messaging and my calendar.  Again I don’t know how I got along without a smart phone.

So now I cut time pretty close.  I try not to cut it too close especially if I know others will be waiting, but I hate being the first one to arrive.  It just annoys me.  Ironically the only time I’m not late or even somewhat mind being there first is going to the movies.  I never ever have walked into a movie late, because I’d rather wait for the next showing in two to three hours than miss anything of the film.  I even get bothered by missing some previews, depending on what I missed.

Anyway for those who wait on me and I’m late, I am sorry if it bothers you.  I’ll try better.  As far as getting to work on time, I’m working on it.  Just ask Chris about that one.