I’ve Got a Bad Reputation

Mel Gibson is known the world over as a mega movie star that at one time was untouchable and one of the most liked actors in Hollywood.  In recent years his gone from famous to infamous with the way he’s behaved in the public eye.Before I go forward, I’m not going to mention some of the things he’s said because chances are you all know what has happened and who he’s spoken about.  He’s gotten the public’s attention by using derogatory terms about other religions and going on a mega sized meltdown to his ex-girlfriend on the phone.  It’s bad and there’s no excuse for any of it, so just leave it at that.

With all his ranting and raving over the last few years, I still like Mel Gibson.  He’s one of the finest actors of the last 30 plus years with great film after great film.  He’s a brilliant actor starring in everything from historical dramas, Shakespeare, romantic comedies, and the greatest buddy cop series ever made along with a slew of other awesome action movies.  Not to mention, he’s funny in just about every film he’s been in.  Well, maybe not all of them, but enough.

For years I never thought anything less of Mel Gibson other than being a good guy.  He was likable, made people laugh, and seemed to have the world as his oyster.  Then in 2004, “The Passion of the Christ” was released and everything changed overnight.  People took his passion for this project as insanity and he became public fodder for his religious beliefs and the way he interprets his stories on the big screen.  Over the period of a few years, he became more and more blackmailed by the public and audiences everywhere, and I never understood why.  Just because a guy is public with what he believes and is telling a story that might not make select groups of people look favorable, doesn’t mean he’s a bigot.  I don’t believe the man made this movie to alienate other religions, but to tell the story as it was told in the Bible.  Whether you agree with this or any other religion is irrelevant.  He’s telling a story the way it was interpreted.

Ever since then people have just given Gibson a bad rap for no reason.  He suddenly became everyone’s target and was blacklisted by Hollywood.  The man is no saint and has his demons just as much as any actor in Hollywood probably does, so why is he the one getting all the tabloids to try to ruin his reputation?  Why is it that every time there is a Mel Gibson story on shows like Entertainment Tonight, Extra and the other umpteen entertainment shows that report the same shit, only target the negative about him.  If he’s got a new movie coming out no one reports on that, but if he yelled at someone on set the headline reads “Gibson Has Meltdown” or “Mad Mel Strikes Again.”

Recently this happened where he yelled at someone on the phone in the privacy of his own home, who was supposed to write a script for him but never delivered it at all.  18 months ago, Gibson hired a writer for a historical epic that he was signed on to direct with Warner Bros. Pictures.  14 months go by and the guy hasn’t even drafted a page.  Any human being in any business would be pissed off royally and rip the person a new one for slacking and not fulfilling their commitment.  The only difference is it’s Mel Gibson and he’s done this before so he’s automatically still a bad guy.  Did people not think the real crime was recording Gibson, knowing that he would most likely go on a tirade with his short temper?  Gibson put it best last week while on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, saying I kinda thought that was illegal to record it and make it public for personal gain, but just because it’s me it’s okay for some reason.  Gibson wasn’t wrong, this asshole lazy writer was for not only recording Gibson, but not fulfilling his commitment in the first place.  Gibson is wrong for having a temper though?  Give me a break.

Sure Mel Gibson may have a temper and some demons, but he’s not a bad person.  He’s a great actor that continues to make great films, and does an incredible job of bringing stories to life.  Even if you’re not religious or don’t have an interest in his kinds of films, you can’t deny they’re incredibly epic with masterful story telling and detailed imagery.  I can’t wait to see his new film, “Get The Gringo” very soon as well as continue to support Gibson in all his movie making efforts.  I suggest you all do the same and don’t listen to the media.  To sum it all up, here’s a quote from Gibson’s character Martin Riggs in “Lethal Weapon”:

“I don’t make things difficult. That’s the way they get, all by themselves.”