No Tags Please

Facebook has a plethora of annoying features that clog up my news feed on an hourly basis.  Whether it’s annoying memes (God, I hate that word and everything about that feature) or, well, just about everything on Facebook, it’s become a site where useless information is everywhere.  The most annoying feature is the tagging feature.  Where one person has to tag themselves everywhere  they go.  It’s gotten so annoying that quite frankly I stopped following people on Facebook because they kept tagging themselves everywhere.  Out of all the features on Facebook, this is the worse.

Who cares where people are and what they’re doing?  I sure don’t.  Unless someone gets kidnapped and the abductor forgot to take away the person’s smartphone or you’re an immature teenager who ran away from home and their parents are worried, then by all means tag yourself everywhere.  Otherwise, no one cares.  No one cares that you checked into work, checked into Dunkin Donuts, or anywhere else.  Certainly no one cares that you and the group of your friends that your out with all tagged yourself in the same place.  I get it, all five of you went to Applebees for dinner.  That doesn’t mean all five of you have to do a TAG EACH!  WE ALL KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!  I knew you were going to Applebees because I got an invite to go on Facebook too, and probably turned it down because I either couldn’t make it or didn’t want to be tagged by every person at the table.

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you go.  Good for you, but I don’t necessarily want to hear about it.  I’ve tagged myself in places two or three times in my life and couldn’t help but feel like a loser afterward.  It’s a thing for dumbass teenagers to do, and I’m in my 20s so I will not do it anymore.  No matter how awesome the place is that I’m at.  You’ll just have to hear me tell you the story about it and be jealous I went there.  It’s dumb people, so please stop doing this.  Or else I’ll tag my foot in your ass.  Well, maybe I won’t be that harsh, but stop doing it anyway.