On the Radio

To me there is nothing more special about a song you love than hearing it on the radio in it’s entirety.    I’ve found over the years that hearing a song on the radio that you absolutely love first thing in the morning or in my case, whatever time you get up to start your day on your day off is one of those things that set the overall tone of your mood.  In the age of iPods, iTunes and endless amounts of on demand avenues with music, hearing a song you love that you don’t hear often enough on the radio is still something that has the potential to put me in a good mood.  Take this past Monday morning for instance.  After a long weekend of hanging out with friends and staying up late, my day started off with hearing back to back, Richard Marx “Endless Summer Nights” and Def Leppard “Rocket.”   Even though I have a majority of these artists  on several music formats, hearing these two songs that quite frankly I don’t hear enough of on radio specifically, was an awesome treat.

Since getting a satellite radio with my new car a couple of months ago, I’ve had the pleasure of listening to my favorite genres of music on specific channel.  I’ve have yet to use my car’s CD player and refuse to listen to the local rock stations, as they’ve quietly set aside the classic rock I love for the inane grumblings of new metal and emo-rock bands.  Gone are the days of listening to local stations filled with an overabundance of commercials for car dealerships and sandwich shops as well as waiting to hear a song you want to hear while suffering through songs you’d rather puncture your eardrum to.

Still, even with the greatness of satellite radio, there are some songs I hear over and over again on a near daily basis to witch I start having symptoms of musical torrettes syndrome where I flip the channels over and over until I find something I remotely like.  It usually brings me back to the channel I originally wanted, only to hear the last few seconds of the song I didn’t want to hear in the first place.  Typically since I listen to the 80s station (there’s a big fucking shock) it’s usually me waiting to hear the end of some awful Culture Club or Wham song, or something off of Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” or Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album, to which I’ve grown excruciatingly tired of listening to, in favor of music I don’t hear as often on the radio, but want to.

Hearing a good song on the radio first thing in the morning could also be a blessing and a curse.    While some might think that may be the start of an awesome day, it could end up being just the opposite.  It could either mean this is only the beginning of what will be an awesome day or the fun stops here and I’ve already experienced the highlight of my day at 7:30 a.m.  I’ve had this happen to me ever since I’ve been old enough to drive.  Yes, I know I could just listen to a CD or iPod, but sometimes I don’t have them readily available with me and the radio must suffice.  Sometimes you’ve just got to gamble with what you’ll hear and be really skilled at changing the channel.

While I enjoy the pleasures of satellite radio, there are some drawbacks that have transitioned from regular radio stations.  Yes, the commercials are gone, but like I mentioned before some programmers can’t help themselves from playing the same songs over and over and not enough of what I want to hear.  Two of my favorite artists, Richard Marx and Cheap Trick, have only been played a handful of times on several stations since my purchase of my car in September.  Yes, I have their albums, but every so often I love the treat of hearing one of their songs, no matter what one.

Quite frankly, the invention of satellite radio is one of the greatest inventions of the last decade.  I know it’s unrealistic because advertisements keep local radio alive and kicking, but not having to hear anything but music, talk radio, or whatever you prefer is something I’ll never stop finding endless joy in.  I could never listen to a car advertisement again and it would be too soon.  I suggest if you don’t have one, get one, it’s not that expensive.  Even if you are a rabid CD or iPod user in your car, having satellite radio even as a backup, is something that can sustain aural pleasure if all else fails.