S.C.A.M. (Selling Crap Associated Marketing)

I graduated college over three years ago with a degree in Marketing.  Granted I haven’t looked that often for marketing based jobs for several reasons.  One, I’ve worked my way up the ladder at my current job to find a steady paying position in a tough economy.  Two, because there relatively is little to no definitive job in marketing where I live that over the past few years has been worth applying for.  Most of these jobs on career based sites are vague in their descriptions as well as just plain not the career I’d look to start in.

For example, a company I applied for at one time said that they were an advertising company that worked in marketing and advertising for home improvement companies to clients.  Okay, I thought, that would be worth a shot applying for.  I had a brief interview and the next day went out with people from the company I applied for to their work site.  It turns out the marketing and advertising they “specialized in” was door to door sales to try to get people to buy new windows and siding for their home, while telling people that their houses were in bad condition and they need replacements immediately.  Pretty sure I didn’t go to school with applying for that job as a top choice.  Also, it’s straight commission too.  Even more reason not to apply.

Most companies on sites like CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com are similar to this monstrosity of a job opportunity if you could call it that.  There is a vague description, with little to no information on what the job actually entails.  Going to some of these companies actual websites are even more of a joke as they look like every single picture taken out of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 to make the company seem like a “professional establishment” and “progressive environment.”  I guarantee some of these sites have a picture like the one I have below at the bottom of this entry.

The  job usually ends up being sales position instead of actual marketing.  I don’t want sales.  I’m not interested in potentially only making commission as my only source of income, and there is no creativity whatsoever behind sales.  You have to lie through your teeth and try to sell something that you know is total horseshit, just to get a paycheck.  Sorry that’s for not me.  I know a lot of marketing positions involve sales, but I’m not interested in only doing sales.  I want to work in a creative environment, working on a product that I’m passionate about.  If I had to go out and sell it, I’d do it since I’m 100% behind it.  Otherwise, sales are just not my thing.

It’s been really sad looking at job sites, even recently, to find there is absolutely nothing that is available in the career field I’ve chosen.  What’s even worse is that there are millions of people like me that are in this same position.  Most people my age are stuck working retail jobs or doing something else that’s similar, but completely unrelated to what they went to school for.  Still, I’m not ready to settle that this is the best I can do.  Hopefully the economy will be on the up and up soon and jobs that myself and millions of others want will become available.  Until then, paper or plastic?