Tattoo Eww

There have been two things recently I’ve noticed recently that women have been doing to themselves, and it ain’t pretty.  The first of which is having a plethora of tattoos all over their bodies.  Now I’m not against women having tattoos or anything of the sort.  A couple here and there are fine and wherever they are strategically placed, it’s not a turn off.  The ones that are, are the ones who have tattoo sleeves up and down their entire arms and across their entire chest.  Some will go as far as having them up their neck and others have them go down the entire sides of their legs.  I understand self-expression and tattoos are a large form of that, but come on.  There is nothing more disheartening than seeing a beautiful woman look like she’s got some form of a flesh eating bacteria covering their body.  It’s gross and unappealing.  On behalf of select men everywhere, please stop covering yourself in tattoos.  It doesn’t do anything for us.  Also, there is apparently a new hairstyle for women that involves shaving a quarter or half their head and leaving the other side with a full head of hair.  I call it the Two-Face look.  How the hell did someone come up with that hairstyle?  By accident I assume or in this case, hope.  It’s so weird and unusual.  It’s also easier to spot the damaged women too.

I don’t understand trends like this and probably never will.  Please ladies, you are beautiful.  Why fuck it up?  There is such a thing as too much self-expression and that can only lead to bad things down the road.  Be good to yourselves.  Please.