The Dealbreaker

There’s one thing in the world that makes me instantly loose all attraction to an woman:  Smoking.  I think smoking is the absolute worst thing a person could do to oneself whether male or female, outside of alcohol and drug abuse.  It’s the filthiest, most expensive, most disgusting habit on the planet and why people still do it is beyond me.  Cigarettes are mainly the point of this rant as cigars don’t bother me as much.  People who smoke cigars aren’t as egregious and dependent upon tobacco compared to cigarettes.  As a matter of fact, cigar smells don’t bother me at all.  Chewing tobacco?  Why would you in the first place?  It looks like you’re chewing seaweed.  Cigarette smoke is the worst of them all.

Ever since I was little I promised myself I’d never smoke and still keep that to this day.  I was repealed by cigarettes from an early age with people in my family who felt the compulsory need to light up every 30 minutes as if their lives depended on it.  In my teens I was even more against it when some friends tried it and it made them sick to their stomachs.  Also, having to use the bathrooms in middle school and high school, whose restrooms had the most disgusting smell of urinal cakes, shit and cigarettes, I was even more adverse to it.  Gross across the board.

I could rant about why people still smoke for eons and it won’t make a difference.  People still smoke and will continue to smoke, even after their lungs turn into something that resembles a burnt couch.  The point with this entry is to express how smoking is one of the key make or breaks with any potential relationship with me.  I’ve met plenty of women who are gorgeous and intelligent that I’d take an interest to.  Once they lit up a cigarette, that attraction washed away instantly.  It’s one of the biggest roadblocks for me.

I don’t want to taste ashes in my mouth or have my car smell like the inside of a teachers lounge because I’m dating a smoker.  I’ve turned down a date or two because of the smoking aspect of others, just because it bothers me so much.  Neither would have worked out for me anyway, but it’s neither here nor there.  I hate smoking and will not date a smoker.  It’s not for me at all.  I’d rather date someone who had a kid than date someone who makes out with the Marlboro Man on daily basis.

Sure, a single guy like myself maybe shouldn’t be so picky and this doesn’t mean that all smokers are evil, filthy people.  They’re not, but I just don’t want to date one anyway, no matter how nice.  I would never try to change who someone is to fit my needs in a relationship,  but if you want to be in a relationship with me then you have to quit smoking.  Call me an asshole or whatever you want, it’s me or the cigarettes.  Trust me, I’m the better, healthier alternative.  For those who don’t, just remember when you’re on oxygen someday don’t get the lighter flame near your tank.

Thank you for not smoking.