The End Begins

Everything is subject to evolution, even your favorite podcast.

After a lot of  fighting with broken bottles  jousting on ostrich-back  discussion, it has been decided to have The Only Podcast That Matters go to 200 episodes and call it a day.  This means 20 more episodes spread out between this coming Friday (May 30) and the end of 2014, meaning 2-3 episodes a month.

Any activities the guys will be up to in addition to or outside of TOPTM will be made known via social media so it would be wise to follow the show on Twitter and give a thumbs up on the Facebook page.

And as always, the show can be downloaded and streamed using iTunes, Stitcher, BeyondPod, BlackBerry Podcasts, and basically anywhere else podcasts are found.

Thank you for listening, watching, and spreading the word.