So…Now What?

Well, that’s it.  Or is it?

The Only Podcast That Matters may have ended its run but the guys already have other projects up and running.

Chris has his own website with an assortment of blogs along with Chris Aballo’s Podcast Experiment, his new show which begins its weekly run today (Chris also wrote a piece reflecting on TOPTM).  You can follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisAballo, like his Facebook page and (gasp!) follow him on Instagram @chrissellsout.

Andrew has taken his love of beer to the web with Sailing The Sudsy Seas where he reviews beers and shares his adventures in making his own brews.  You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Ryan has launched The Nerd In The Box where he shares his love of all things geeky.  Learn about his never-ending search for the toys of his youth and his equally passionate search for toys for his adulthood.  And yes, he’s on Twitter and Instagram.

Jack is probably sitting on fence somewhere right about now, but guess what?  Yup – Twitter and Instagram.

You never know what might pop up on here so keep checking back and make sure you subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast platform because we have some special episodes coming your way soon.  Thanks for all of your support and we’ll see you around the web!