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Save Podcasting

In case you haven’t heard, Guinness World record-holding podcaster/comic genius Adam Carolla is being sued by Personal Audio, a patent troll who is trying to squeeze money out of the podcasting medium.

First of all, please understand that these people didn’t invent anything.  They simply have the legal ownership of some line of code which they claim has been exploited by anyone who releases a podcast.  Since Adam is the most successful of us, they decided to go after him.  You can read much more about it here but the short version is if Adam doesn’t win this case, Personal Audio will fuck up podcasting for all of us.

For these last four years, podcasting has allowed us to put our brand of nonsense out there for anyone and everyone to hear, without any agenda.  The independence we’ve enjoyed has been amazing.  If Adam loses this fight, podcasting goes from being independent to yet another regulated form of media.  The FundAnything campaign is still active but Adam has asked we all provide support in the following way:

Click on the Amazon banner below and bookmark it.  When you do your shopping, use that link and Amazon will give a portion of your purchase to the legal defense fund.  The best part is you get exactly what you’d order anyway while supporting a great cause and you don’t spend an extra penny to do so.

Thank you for your continued support of us and the podcasting medium.  In the words of our troll-fighting general: get it on and mahalo.